# Pinceladas sobre el Caballo


Jorge Cúneo is a teacher of the field, a plastic artist and a passionate about the horses. We have been part of one of his cultural projects: the editorial design of his book. "Brushstrokes on the Horse", is the union of stories that draw, with ink and word, the relationship of man to horse through time and space.

The drawings that illustrate his pages have traits of boy and mature man; They know to love, to loyalty, to demands, to solitude, to company, to diversions and long ways.

This book was promoted by the Regional Agricultural Museum and in its presentation in the province of Entre Ríos, Gualeguay, participated the Undersecretary of Culture of the province; The Lic. Roberto Romani.

*Ph: Camila Daglio Fotografía

Pinceladas sobre el Caballo