Renowned contest ISFD y T 53

#designbypuntoalto ––2017

Together with the Higher Institute for Teaching and Technical Training 53, in the city of Glew, we worked on the communication of an internal contest for the change of name of said institute, chosen by its students.


The value of the nomination of educational institutions is intimately related to the importance of their identity, as an indissoluble part of the Institutional culture, as an encouragement of symbolic roots, offering clear and consensual identifications, consolidating the spirit of belonging.

A school with its own name, legitimately constructed, is recognized as a community of organized people, around a culture of knowledge, interests, values and freedoms with which collective, group and personal projects are built.

The denominations chosen must carefully consolidate the principles of tolerance, respect for beliefs and ideas of all Argentines, whether they are majorities or minorities.

General regulation of public schools, (Decree No. 6013/58 to 1983. Modified by Decree 619/90) Empower the enactment of this act.

The Higher Institute for Teaching and Technical Training 53, in the city of Glew, is an educational institution that depends on the General Directorate of Culture and Education.

The proposed names are framed in ecumenical values, which rescue ecumenical values, historical memory and honor democracy and human rights.

The names proposed by the educational community were:

1. Dr. René Favaloro.

2. María Esther Tommasi.

3. Petrona Eyle.

4. Rodolfo Walsh.

5. Malvinas Heroes.

Do you want to know who was the winner?