Cabañas Aitué

#designbypuntoalto ––2016

Irma and Rodolfo, and Carlos and Mabel, from the provinces of Entre Ríos and Buenos Aires, started this project in love with the place because of its striking geography and the human warmth of its inhabitants decided to risk dreaming and giving a very Little to what with much effort, work and love today is Aitué Complex, inaugurated in December 2015.


We accompany the construction process of these cabins and follow closely their progress and progress. Yes! They are part of our family! We design your corporate identity and website reflecting what this puntano corner transmits to its challenging natural landscape. The photographs are of the great photographer: Camila Daglio. Congratulations for showing us that dreams, with effort and work, are fulfilled!

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Designed in Argentina by estudiopuntoalto®.

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