Why should I have social networks for my company?

Social networks are here to stay.

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of Social Media as a key element for communication and the promotion of their businesses.

The work in social networks have stopped being photos between friends and the asado on Sundays, to be powerful tools that companies use to reinforce their brand image, attract customers and communicate their strategy and news.

The reasons are many and varied: some people create a Facebook page instead of creating a web page (which we do not recommend), some people do it because their competition does it and some people do it because everyone does it.

This initiative is reinforced with the widespread belief that social networks are free. Well, it's true that opening the channels is free, but its management is not, and that's why our recommendation: either you spend a lot of time or the thing does not give results and these profiles end up being neglected and forgotten, leaving behind spaces Virtuals full of spam that give a bad brand image. That's why I would say that it's worse to have an abandoned profile on a social network than not having it. And also that managing social networks takes time: it's not about sharing the first news that catches your attention and answering pending messages. Requires planning and content programming. But ... this is another story that we will tell later


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