What social network do I choose to promote my project?

If you want to reach your future customers through the networks you are in the right place to achieve it.

One of the first tasks you must do after deciding that you want to promote your company's social networks is to choose which network or social networks you will be on. It is one of the most important decisions, and the basis of your subsequent marketing strategy in social networks.

The answer to the question to be simple: you must choose the networks in which your target audience is located. But this is not always so clear. Therefore, in this post, we will give you some guidelines that will help you make this decision.

Define the target audience

Now you're asking yourself: who is that target audience?

You must do a study of who consumes your products or services: your customers. Knowing if they are men or women, their age range, their language, what their interests are, fears and motivations or knowing where they live will help you to detect in which platforms they move.

TIP! This is especially important when it comes to advertising on social networks: the better defined your audience is, the more effective your campaigns will be.

Locate those customers

You need to know where your customers are, and common sense says that where there are more people, there should be more possibilities (at least as a departure).

Here we present the following approximate figures according to the study by Juan Carlos Mejía (Consultant and Speaker in Mkt. Digital and Social Media):

Facebook: 1,900 million

Whatsapp: 1,200 million **

YouTube: 1,000 million

Instagram: 700 million

Google+: 540 million

LinkedIn: 500 million

Twitter: 328 million

Pinterest: 158 million

Snapchat: 150 million

* Date: May, 2017.

** Although this is not considered a social network, it is a very important communication channel for companies.

Because WhatsApp is a very personal means of communication, it should only be used for the operation of the business and not to execute commercial and marketing strategies.

Now, even if a platform has more users than others, that does not mean that your audience is there. You will have to continue investigating !.

Specify the actions to be carried out

It is important to know what actions I will want to develop to see what networks will allow me to carry them out.

The main generalist social networks are Facebook and Twitter, so if you're looking to reach many people, both can work. Among these, if what interests you most is generating conversation, perhaps Twitter and its immediacy is your best option.

But perhaps your target audience is located in a smaller and more specific network. If you are able to detect this, with less effort you will get to contact more people really interested in your project.

It's like entering a room where 20 photographers have gathered to discuss the subject, and I hang the poster on my photography course at the entrance. Or leave that same poster in a football stadium, in which there may be a photographer ... in the first case probably the 20 lovers of photography will even throw a look at my poster, but in the second case, or contract a zeppelin with a mega screen or I do not think that any photographer there present, find out that I give photography courses.

I know ... it's a great example, and very clear, right?


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