What should I take into account for online sales? (Part 2)

We have not forgotten, here we share the elements to take into account before starting your online store.

We have commented in the previous post, the first "key" elements that will help you to set up your online sales business perfectly. Let's continue with the following necessary elements to take into account:

Stage 3: How?

Definition of the payment modes Offline (bank transfer, cash on delivery), Online (virtual POS terminals of banks), please note that you will need a posnet for the sale.

Without charges there is no store and today you have to offer the maximum collection methods to avoid losing sales (credit cards, payment market, etc). Advise yourself with your accountant based on what is the best option for this point.

Those first 3 stages will result in a virtual store capable of displaying our products, calculating the appropriate shipping costs for each customer and collecting the order placed.

As we can see, these are the characteristics of a "functional" virtual store, but will it be sufficient for it to be a successful store?

To achieve a "functional" and at the same time "successful" virtual store, it is necessary to carry out some more stages. These "extra" stages will be responsible for our virtual store receiving the visits we need to make those sales that the store is able to process.

Stage 4:

Customer Support

In front of and behind an online store there are people, both those who sell (you, your team and your suppliers) and those who buy (your customers).

Above all, the latter need to feel that behind the store there is a company and some people who will solve their problems.

Establish all possible means to be in contact with them (phone, mail, chat, etc.) and act as if you had a physical store.

Do not cut your phone call your customer, check your data, listen to your voice, know who buys you and know better what they expect from your store so that the best. Also before buying you will be asked many questions about the product, the service, the company, the guarantees. If you do not help them solve those doubts you will lose sales.

If you can not attend to all this, you will need to have someone on your team to do it.

Stage 5:

Technological development, design and marketing team.

And here is our help!

I left this part at the end, but that does not make it any less important.

It is important to know that at this point you will have to invest (Google analytics, https hosting, email marketing campaigns, webmaster, content SEO optimization, advertising campaigns: AdWords, integration of social networks, among others). These are costs for the development that these projects need and for the marketing follow-up that must be given, so consider it as an investment need in your medium-term amortizable business plan. The updates of all these tools are what will give your store a useful life.

That way you'll get a professional look and tools for maintenance and decision making.

Our goal is to understand your project, to fall in love with him as you and your team and fight for your idea.

Once these stages have been carried out, we will be in the position of a virtual store that:

1. Will be able to show your products.

2. Will be able to calculate the shipping costs for the user who is visiting our store.

3. Will be able to offer the alternatives that we have decided for our potential customers to pay the price of the order.

4. It will have a professional aspect that helps to convince our visitors that this is the site and product they are looking for.

5. Will have the tools that will allow us to detect the weak points of our store, or strategies to correct them.

With all this I wish I helped you find the right path to achieve many successes to so many entrepreneurs who see their future on the Internet.

You know: We have experience in online stores, count on us!


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