What is "Eye Tracking"?

Its translation is transcribed as "eye tracking", is the process of evaluating the point where the eye or eye movement is fixed relative to the head.

It is an eye tracking technology that will allow us to know visual behaviors when a user visits our site in order to improve web usability. 

It is widely used to measure the response of study subjects in neuromarketing, as it can help us to understand the unconscious of study subjects.   

The eyetracking allows to extract information analyzing the eye movements of a user. The eyetracker is the tool with which this action is performed and consists of a special monitor that launches infrared rays into the eyes of the subject being analyzed. The direction that these rays follow goes from the user's pupil to the device, thus allowing a precise calculation of where he is looking.   

What information does Eye Tracking give us?   

  1. Where the gaze is fixed continuously. 
  2. What is catching her attention and what was called a moment ago. 
  3. What intentions that person has. 
  4. The mood of that person. 
  5. Where value content should go to the customer. 
  6. If the visual signals contained in the web effectively lead the customer. 
  7. Customer's ability to locate the information they need on the web.   

The information collected by the visual tracking systems can be used to know the subjects' visual paths and to create maps that point to the "hot" points of the image, that is, the places where the view stops for a longer time. They can also tell us the trajectories that follow and the order in which the elements (visual paths of the advertising document) are examined.   


The points that the participant saw for more than a second and a half in his visit to the home page are shown in warm colors (red). The colder colors (yellow or green) represent zones that the user saw for less time.   

What is the purpose of this information?   

  • To improve the content structure. 
  • Improve the user experience on our website. 
  • Guide the user towards the goal of your business. 
  • Facilitate the processes that you want the user to perform. 
  • Improve the brand image through the website.   
  • Every visit to a web is a unique experience for the user. 

However, eye tracking techniques can be used to see how easily subjects find the different sites of interest on the page.   

Taking into account the results that will give us this analysis we can draw certain conclusions that will affect the design and structure of our website, since we will have to facilitate, as far as possible, the usability of the same and establish in prominent places the information that we consider more relevant.   

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