What do I need to take into account to start the online sale?

Before you start with your online store, read this article.

We are sure that you are a top seller, that you dominate your store and your orders, that your treatment to the public is unbeatable and that you know the name of (almost) all your customers but, what happens when your customers can not see your face , when they have to trust what they see on the screen of their computer?

The market takes a leap and moves from "face to face" to "face to screen" Let's put it easy! There may be doubts or queries that we can clear.

Selling is not just about making an online store but to take into account several details, that is why we will divide the info in two post, so that we can elaborate as the subject deserves;)

Let's start at the beginning:


1. I want to sell but what is my product?

2. I must send the product to my client but how much will it cost?

3. I need to collect my sales but how should I do it?

These three questions correspond to the first three stages of the process of creating your store that will be:

Stage 1: What?

Define products and categories.

If you already have local and you want to incorporate the online sale, we recommend that you generate a stock with the list of products that you want to sell.

Selling on the internet is like having a store more, you must generate and control the merchandise you want to publish, color, size, etc. That is why we recommend that you first generate a listing with the merchandise you want to put on sale.

Having many products does not mean that you sell more. You must measure and select the products for sale online, that will help you to be more specific in the sale and ordered in the handling of the same.

Step 2: How much?

Calculation of shipping costs: transport, packaging and management among other herbs ...

There are several methods for delivering merchandise:

A. You can have the customer remove the product through one of your stores. In this case you will save the shipping cost and you have the possibility that your sellers, can sell or promote some other product that relates to the purchased.

B. The customer receives it at home. At this point you must contact the transport companies (eg Andreani, oca) in order to communicate and advise the customer how long it takes to get the product.

Usually these companies usually give you a tracking number.

It is important that you communicate with them previously ensuring that you open the store so they can offer you "discounts" or an agreement for "x" quantity of shipments. You must do this beforehand.

The customer who purchases online knows that he will have to pay shipping costs. Is that how it works. At this stage you have two paths:

. That the client pays according to its location (for example, Capital Federal and Great Buenos Aires pays $ xx, and the rest of the country "$ xx").

At this point you must decide if it is convenient to send the merchandise from "a point x" or leave cheaper for you to send the merchandise from the nearest place to the customer's address. These are things that you must foresee beforehand. That is why it is important to communicate first with the company that manages your shipments so you can ensure the best option and also at this point control stocks.

. The other way you can measure it is: "If your purchase is equal to over $ xxx, the cost of shipping is free."

This is another marketing tool that you can use according to your needs, in this case you will have to pay for the shipping costs.

Finally, there are two items that you can not ignore:

Presentation: The packaging of the product is very important when receiving your order. It is a tool that will talk about your company, so you must inform and take into account how the presentation will be, not is a minor fact, since each element speaks of your brand (do not forget).

Refund: You must take into account what happens if the customer wants change, usually no refunds are refunded, and if they are changes how will you manage it? are elements

what you must decide and communicate on your website.

Conclusion: Analyze all points, prices, volumes, insurance of the merchandise, deadlines, connection with your store for traceability, different formulas for the management of returns

(which you will have) and order changes (which you will also have).

We've left you thinking, right? In the next post more information do not miss it!


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