What can we expect from WhatsApp Business?

The purpose of WhatsApp has always been very clear: communicate. But what we understand as a chat with which we can talk to our friends, family and colleagues goes a step further and now begins to move in the business world, allowing brands and companies to connect with each other.

Who is WhatsApp Business for?

The evolution of the application preferred by the users to communicate and send themselves emojis creates a new version for, for example, the businesses that sell through the Internet, since this way they will get a better communication with their clients, contributing a great quantity of Benefits.

- These accounts will be verified, so that both customers and companies stay safe when exchanging data. Users can easily see that they are facing a secure account.

- Quicker and simpler communication of companies with their client portfolio or with their potential clients in order to be able to share in the offers or promotions they have, and even personalize them.

- Creation of predefined messages that can respond to the possible doubts of the clients, without the need for the employer to respond to each of them. This is considered a breakthrough to improve the customer service that companies provide their customers.

- Free use for those small businesses that want to use it. For those with a larger size, the application will cost.

- But, tranquility, this does not mean that the employer has to be available 24 hours, but you can set a customer service hours, in addition to messages that will be sent automatically if you are not within the time slot.

And is that this application came to revolutionize communications, what we did not know is that it would evolve in WhatsApp Business would also improve communications in business.

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