The Punto Alto blog celebrates its first year

It is amazing how fast this first year of renewal and "face washing" of our website has passed.

It is incredible how fast this first year of renewal and "face washing" of our website has happened, where we decided, along with other changes, to place a blog of news, trends and topics that are of interest to our customers. 

Yes, as if it were a child, our blog gets bigger. Last July, a year and 5 days ago, we published the first blog post Estudio Punto Alto, with all the illusion made by new things. Keeping that illusion intact, we now have the experience of a year behind our backs and the satisfaction of knowing that many people read us, and besides ... they like it!   

The blog has served to tell you trends, studies and basic concepts that serve to analyze our work. The goal has been to post one post per month. We know it's no big deal, but believe us it has been a challenge among so many tasks ... especially since behind there are only 2 heads and 4 hands, that when they are not occupied with some mate, they have the mouse at all rags! ;)

Of all the posts published, the most liked has been: "Why is it important to hire a professional designer?" (Read), in which our Design Manager tells us the role of the graphic designer and shares a video made by Franco Monti, for the Gabrielle Chair.

And taking a look at what is to come, we anticipate that we have new challenges designed to share with you: like what we like, what happens in "the study", explain new projects, events we attend and experiences Of the holidays (which inspire us so much, like and recharge our batteries) ... What do you think?

A year has passed since that first post, and we hope that many more will happen. We continue with the same illusion of the first day, more and more happy and motivated, and wanting to continue nurturing this space that serves us to tell them what we do and also to continue learning new things every day. 

As always, thanks for being on the other side! 

Equipo de Punto Alto


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