The Guggenheim Museum celebrates its 20th anniversary

This time we want to share a more personal post;)

The main star of Bilbao is undoubtedly the Guggenheim Museum. Last October 18th it celebrated its 20th anniversary and, for this reason, we have decided to share our experience.

Before traveling to "the peninsula" we thought about the places that we would like to visit as a family, and without doubt Bilbao was on the list of our favorites.

When investigating the Basque Country, the Guggenheim always appeared; and since its inauguration it has had an extraordinary impact on Basque society, boosting tourism in the region and improving the image of the city.

The museum is one of the most important structures of contemporary architecture in the world and was designed by the Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry.


The building is lined with limestone, glass curtains and titanium plates that create what appear to be random organic curves. The panels were designed to capture light. That is why the building takes on a different appearance at night.

The Guggenheim looks like a boat, seen from the river, and the titanium panels resemble the scales of the fish, these two details are in tribute to the importance of the estuary throughout history for the economic development of Bilbao. Seen from above, however, the building has the shape of a flower ... and is that the museum claims not to contain a single flat surface in its entire structure !.

Our experience there was wonderful, we have climbed the bridges, walking through the river and taking different captures of this wonderful work of art! Here we share some images of our experience:


For this anniversary Google launched a special microsite that explores this stunning masterpiece of contemporary architecture, you can "walk" through the terraces, inside and see their works in detail:

In the world there are two other museums belonging to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, one in Berlin and New York. Do you know them?

I hope our visit inspired you as much as it did us!


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