Social networks or online shops?

If you're wondering which is the most efficient platform to achieve sales, don't forget to read this post.

We know that networks are more and more present in people's daily lives, which is why more and more companies are using these platforms to sell their products.

It is important to emphasize that social networks, for companies, do not have to be considered a direct sales channel of products and services, but that the objective of communication goes much further than that. They will help us to sell and we will be able to attract the attention of consumers to attract them to our website and make them buy "once at home". The purchase process begins in the networks and materializes in our website. Not bad, is it? Something is something.

But... should social networks be online shops?

We believe that the tendency of social channels is to become online stores. The almost massive migration of people to these channels has sparked the interest of almost every company in the world.

We also believe that in the medium term, social media will become TRUE online stores, where you can buy in app. In the short term, they are on it. In the long term, it's another story...

It is clear that companies seek to sell on the Internet, and social media are ideal platforms for doing so, since that is where we (almost) all are. But we believe that the concept of what these channels wanted to be, at least in the beginning, is lost: means to establish social networks. And people who are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. like to socialize; that's what we're there for.

In Estudio Punto Alto we establish online marketing strategies in this sense: without losing sight of the user and orienting all communication to its value as a person, and not just as a consumer.

Do you need help to create a marketing strategy? We read you! ;)


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