Social Media Trend for 2018

This year came loaded with important changes in the world of Social Media and Social Networks.

So is! new needs appeared that we must attend if we want to sympathize and retain our audience. Do you want to know them?

First of all, the most important thing is to bet on the ephemeral content. Options like Snapchat or Instagram Stories will prevail since it is what your followers will like the most. Do you want to stand out in Social Media in 2018? Go develop a line of content like that. Fresh, current and very dynamic.

The second thing that we will have to take into account is the importance of establishing close contact with the user. If we use bots, autocontestadores or programmed publishing systems, followers will feel that you are one step away from them. This will be especially useful if you plan to sell products or set up an e-commerce through networks.

Third, the 2018 trends in Social Media point to live content. You have already noticed the increase of these publications. Networks like Facebook are pushing this type of option a lot, giving it greater visibility each time.

With respect to information about users, big data will become even stronger. Obtaining concrete data about who visits us will serve us, not only to offer a communication adjusted to their needs, but also, will make our relationship with the followers closer. However, at the same time you will see a significant increase in interest in privacy.

In conclusion, from Estudio Punto Alto we encourage you to show your followers closeness with personalized content. Communicate live and take advantage of the data collected about the users, always respecting their privacy, will be the key to succeed with Social Media in 2018.

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