Our balance of 2019

Like every year, we get analysts about our goals and objectives, do you want to know how it went?

We travel another year. An entire year with its full, growing and waning moons, its suns and torrential rains, its changes of time and season, its comings and goings thus completing a new return to the sun.

A year begins between the countdown and a HAPPY YEAR !, streamers and peeled grapes (that tradition is acquired here) and, in the blink of an eye, ends without us, helpless and even stunned, have any power over your rhythm, your cadence or your address.

The years pass quickly, very fast, and that is why we have decided to take a breath and think. Think for a moment to analyze and (ad) look at this 2019 with the perspective that gives us calm.

This year has been enriching in every way. Not only because we add clients / friends;), but because we have not distanced ourselves from our Argentine clients / friends ... on the contrary, miles away have not separated us a pixel from our daily work and we are very happy to see How this works

We have grown as people and as professionals, we have advanced when I played and we slowed when we were dictated by our hearts and tiredness, we have traveled, entered, left, raised and lowered.

It is important to stop and think about the course we are going through, and the path we want to travel to reach the goal. That's why I invite you to take a break and plan this 2020, which comes with tutti! To continue growing, to continue inspiring, to continue creating, to continue projecting!

Happy holidays to all and happy new year!


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