Let's start at the beginning, welcome to our blog!

I wanted to start the blog with a welcome and presentation of this new stage that we are going through.

We started this study almost unintentionally, merging our knowledge and embarking on a path that has been going for more than 6 years ... it happened so fast!

Still today I remember the day that we named "Punto Alto" (it was a Sunday), based on the concept of making developments that reach their highest level of pregnancy and result.

2016 was a year of many changes for us, those years that inspire, challenge and provoke personal reunion to make us grow.

And so we feel, we feel that throughout all this time we have grown. Within a framework so competitive the demand is greater as well as professionalization; That is why, especially in this last time, we have been nourished by new experiences and the handling of the latest technologies and digital trends (constantly renewed) to develop works that inspire and manifest all the potential that can be achieved.

Along with this development and these changes, we have redesigned our website, maintaining simplicity, highlighting our services, our portfolio and giving place to this section of "Blog", where we will raise trends in technology, programming, design, social networks and all Information you need to make good decisions in your business.

"Little by little" we will update the content and the portfolio (we have a lot of material saved to show them).

I hope to meet you here and help you with the doubts that may arise along this road. Thank you for being on the other side.

Mariana Camejo Owner of Estudio Punto Alto.

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