Is your website responsive?

If you do not know what I'm talking about, read the following post!

That your website is "Responsive" means that it looks correctly on different devices (from desktop computers, cell phones, tablets, to a giant screen that you will project on the wall). No deformations, no hidden lashes. With a coherent organization and a correct disposition, just as you thought and designed at the time.

It is based on providing all users of a website the same content and a user experience as similar as possible, compared to other approaches to mobile web development such as the creation of apps, domain change or websites served dynamically depending on the device .

We know that this is extremely important, since nowadays we access websites from any device.

How is it done? Well, it is about resizing the elements adapting them to the height and width that we have in each device.

What we get? Facilitate the end user experience, not duplicate content and increase its virality, since it allows you to share them in a much faster and more natural way ... Not bad, right?

In short, responsive web design is consolidated as one of the best practices in web design today. Do you want your website to be responsive?

We take care!


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