How to implement a marketing strategy in the networks?

In this note you will find the basic keys to take into account in your strategy.

Before starting, if you have not already done so, I recommend reading the following post (it will not take you more than 5 minutes): Why should I have social networks for my company? and What social network do I choose for my business? These notes are the first step to our marketing strategy in social media.

Reviewing: If you need a great reach your network is Facebook, and if what you need is to generate conversation, the ideal is to take advantage of the immediacy that characterizes Twitter. If your product is something visual, take advantage of more graphic networks such as Instagram or Pinterest, and if you want to interact with other companies or get in touch with other professionals, you may want to open a page on Linkedin.

And if you still do not have it very clear, we will always have Facebook and Twitter, the two generalist social platforms par excellence in which there is a public FOR EVERYTHING. This is why most of the companies focus their social media strategy on these two networks.

In any case, choose the networks that you choose, the most important thing is that you do it knowing that your correct management will be necessary, in order not to cause a bad brand image.

From this first idea follows the second: who should be responsible for managing social networks?

Any company must consider whether it is capable of taking on that task and combining it with its activity or, if it can not, if it can be allowed to hire a person who does. Hence the figure of the Community Manager (CM), whether external or a person hired.

A CM is the person who is responsible for the management of social networks. You must understand them and know all the opportunities and benefits they offer us. Also among its qualities, it must be a person who knows how to express and communicate clearly. And, third, you must have common sense and a certain aesthetic taste and criteria.

A good community manager must have perfectly internalized the identity of the company, since in many moments it will be the face of the company, the first contact with clients and future clients, and a fundamental piece of corporate Branding. Therefore, it must be able to transmit that identity in a constant and univocal way.

Once we have WHERE, WHO AND WHAT, we are going for the HOW .... but this we leave for the next post ;)

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