How to create a fanpage on Facebook from scratch?

The first time someone considers creating a Facebook page from scratch, he inevitably faces the classic questions: How do I get my first followers on Facebook? What do I do if nobody follows me? Do I invite my friends? Here we will give you some tips.

Optimize your page

The first thing is that our page has to be made a brush, perfect. We must carefully select the profile and cover images, and prepare optimized content that reflects exactly what we do or what we sell. And always in a minimalist format, we already know that long texts are lazy. It is one of the most frequent mistakes that make our social networks not work, and it is really easy to avoid it.

If the page explains well what we do, whoever looks for us will probably decide to follow us. That easy. However, if the message is confusing or too long and complicated, we will almost certainly have lost the brief seconds of opportunity that this potential follower gave us.

Personal profiles, old pages and duplicate pages

Then, and before launching to create a fantastic new Facebook page, it is important to check if there is a personal profile wrongly used as a company, if someone already created that page or if there are several duplicate pages.

In the event that the company has a personal profile (it is a bad practice although very frequent), it should be assessed if it has value followers, that is, people who are really interested in the company / product, or if on the contrary They are friends or acquaintances who decided to follow the profile for friendship. Only in the first case, it is worth migrating the personal profile to page, and automatically all “friends” will become “fans”.

On the other hand, it may happen that the company already has a page created that is not being used. If so, you should also assess the quality and quantity of the followers you may have, and only if they are of quality implement an effective Facebook strategy on that page. If not, blur and new account. We delete the page and create one from scratch.

If your company has several redundant pages (for blocking usernames, etc.). In that case, and always taking into account that the community created is of quality, you can choose to merge duplicate pages. Thus, communities will be unified. Do not forget to delete the pages you will not use to prevent the community from spreading.

Campaigns to attract fans

If we do not have any community and we really have to start from scratch, the best option we can recommend is to launch a fan recruitment campaign, with its corresponding economic investment.

NOTE: a fan recruitment campaign may not be done, and take advantage of other free tools at our disposal, but in that case we must be aware that the community will grow slowly.

Investing in Facebook is a very frequent practice, and a type of advertising that for the cost involved gives very good results. As long as it's done right, of course.

For this, it is essential to know our target audience well, that is, to know who are those people who are interested in what we do or what we sell. All the good marketing strategies on Facebook start from this point, and it is important to waste the time it takes to make an x-ray of the public, to know who they are, how old they are, where they are, and what their interests are.

Once we have clear this point, it is time to create the campaign paying close attention to the configuration of the public. We must try to include as clearly as possible all those aspects that we have determined in our previous radiography.

If we have defined several audiences, we will have to define different segments and optimize the campaign (content and graphics) to the tastes of each one. Basically, we must be able to show each one what he wants to see and how he wants to see it, only then will we get them to react.

Complementary Actions

As I said in the previous point, it is important to “attack” with all the tools we have at our disposal. Therefore, we must not forget:

Include a link to Facebook on the web (with a nice and easily identifiable Facebook logo)

Include the link in the email signatures of the company. If we have a customer database, consider sending a newsletter.

Include the Facebook icon on all offline media (brochures, advertisements, billboards, canvases, etc.)

Publicize the new channel among our own employees, the best possible ambassadors of our brand.

All these small actions add up. In addition, the biggest advantage is that most of these actions will be aimed at people who are already customers, and therefore have already shown a real interest in our products / services, which means that they are probably interested in the news that we can Offer through our Facebook page. In short, we will be addressing potential followers of good quality.

What you should never do

And finally, remember some things you should never do.

The first and worst, is to buy followers on Facebook. I insist You should never buy fans on Facebook. Why? Because indeed the number of fans of our page will grow, but with people who neither know us, nor know what we do, or worse, empty accounts that are useless. Increasing the community on Facebook in this way causes the global interaction of the page to go down, and that can mean that Facebook interprets that we are not doing our work well, that we do not share quality information with our followers, and will gradually penalize us increasingly reducing the scope of our publications.

On the other hand, another bad practice to avoid is to invite your own friends to follow the page. Let's see, it doesn't have to be bad practice if your friends are really interested in the page. But if this is not the case, for friendship and for making a lump, it makes no sense, since even if your friends are beautiful people, they will inevitably become low quality followers and impoverish your Facebook marketing strategy.

In short, when creating a community on Facebook we must choose well who we direct our efforts to follow. And above all, that quality is better than quantity, that is, it is better to have few quality followers, than many of low quality.

Do not be afraid to create your Facebook page from scratch, if you do your job well and know your target audience well, in more or less time it will end up working. And if you still don't see it clearly, you can always contact us and we will help you. We read on the networks!

IMG: Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


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