Fantasy widgets

Slow response generators / site lentilizers.

As we discussed in the previous post, the big "sinners" of today's response time are often too complex, such as data on the server, or too extravagant or fancy widgets on the page.

If you wonder what a widgest is, as defined by Wikipedia: "a widgest is a small application or program, usually presented in files or small files that are executed by a widget engine or Widget Engine. Among its objectives are to give easy access to frequently used functions and to provide visual information. Although not a prerequisite, widgets are often used to be "embedded" on another website ... "

Now, there is nothing better to explain, how much these widgest influence on our site than with a clear example. Here we present an eyetracking study conducted by NNGROUP in which you can observe the eye behavior of two different users on the same site that contained a slide show widget in the box yellow top and it took 8 seconds to download:

The blue dots indicate the fixation points of each of the users.

The test participant at the top, fixed the look repeatedly within the large empty color block while the contents were unloaded. Then he spent the remaining time looking at the rest of the page. Seeing that the main banner was slow to load, he did not look back there ... he had already "surrendered".

The second user (bottom diagram of the image) looked at the image with the promotional banner already loaded. So the first time I looked at the page the promotion was whole.

The user who had to endure the download timeout spent only 1% of their total viewing time within this space. In contrast, the second user (who received instant page rendering) spent 20% of their viewing time within the main banner presentation area that occupied 23% of the page.

Although 8 seconds is not a big delay, it is enough to "kill" this great promotion that the web company team probably spent weeks designing. If they had assigned the space to a visual that was loaded in 1 second instead of 8, they would have achieved better results.

Users do not care about the reasons for the delay, all they know is that they are getting poor service, which is annoying.

So now you know! that your website is agile will have a competitive advantage over slow sites; not only for the user experience, but also because it is one of the characteristics "penalized" by Google that will influence the positioning of your website in search engines.

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