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In this post we will present the basic elements to start your business with the right foot.

The corporate image of a company is the image that the public has of that entity. On the one hand, are the ideas, feelings and prejudices we have before knowing the services or products of a brand. On the other: the experiences and judgments that we acquire after knowing them.

Many times we confuse the corporate image with the visual identity of a brand. When we talk about logos, stationery, design of your website, we talk about the visual identity. The corporate image predates the design. It is concept and positioning. The design, the corporate visual identity, should help express what we want to convey the corporate image of our company.

We understand the corporate image as a reflection of the philosophy and values of the company.

A well-built and coherently worked corporate image brings benefits to the brand for the potential customer, such as:

Getting our target audience to identify with our brand, which gives fidelity.

An easy identification of our products or services, having a visual coherence.

An increase in the perceived value of your product / service offer

Create an emotional bond with your customers.

A differential value compared to our competitors.

A strong brand sensation, which gives us security and confidence.

In general it gives you that feeling of professionalism that we all want to have the products or services that we acquire. But, also, facing our employees or investors, we generate a confidence and pride in belonging to an entity with values and objectives.

At Estudio Punto Alto we firmly believe that a good image is the beginning of any business project. And, as we have already heard, "a picture is worth a thousand words".

Now, I've been clear about the corporate image, but how do I apply it to my business?

Not only is it enough to have a logo and stationery. The corporate image of a brand must be built from the generation of the brand concept that we want to transmit. We must identify how we want to position ourselves in our sector and work to develop the concepts that will define us as a brand.

For this we can start by using tools that help us to know better what we want to be and what we want to offer as a brand:

Define our mission, vision and values that should be reflected in all areas of our business. As the choice of a corporate color, with what tone we address our target audience, the recruitment policy, etc. Through the corporate image of a company we must be able to transmit and unveil the main unknowns: who we are, what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

Make a SWOT report, with which we analyze our weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities.

This work inward is what will give our brand of concept, character, corporate identity. From this point we will only have to be faithful to what we have defined as our brand personality.

After the conceptualization work we have to generate the basic elements that help us to transmit to the public what our brand is. These basic elements would be:

- Find a name, the naming of the brand.

- Design a logo.

- Design or find a font that suits the personality of the brand.

- Select our corporate colors.

- Find a slogan that explains what we do.

- Find a tone with which to express ourselves in our communications.

- And most importantly, generate a corporate identity manual that includes all the concepts that define us: the mission, the values, the visual identity and its applications. And be faithful to that document always ... or at least until, in the future, we do the detersory exercise of updating our corporate image.

When talking about the image and design of a company we are talking about his personality, what it symbolizes and, above all, the perception it generates in the public.

The corporate image will be your cover letter. It is essential to get to know the meaning of the company in the minds of customers.

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Reference material: somoswaka.com_Photo by: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


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