Active listening on social networks

Imagine that, being the head of a company, you are inside a bathroom and two of your employees talk about you from the outside without knowing that you are there. They speak, shamelessly but sincerely, about how little they like, for example, your screams.

Well, active listening consists of being in that bathroom, listening to the opinion of your people and trying to change it if it is negative or, if it is positive, strengthen it.

Active listening, in short, consists of observing what is said about you on Social Networks, how it is said and who says it in order to obtain the answers we seek on the topics that interest us most: competitors, new tools, clients, opinions, etc.

Active listening is more than paying attention to what they tell us. Active listening consists of detecting the messages buried in the words, hearing everything, not only what interests us and who is interested since we live in a society in which any user can become a valuable customer.

For many brands, discovering and examining these conversations is practically an obligation to respond to their users or attract new leads. However, it is a complicated job. For this, it is important to use social listening tools to break down conversations in order to make decisions.

There are over 100 Social Media monitoring and analysis tools, but you probably don't know which one to choose. Within this infinity of tools not all are adapted to the needs of your business.

From Estudio Punto Alto, in addition to advising you in case you need it, we recommend one of our favorites:

Mention, a tool that will inform you in real time and you will be able to respond and act effectively to all mentions.

In addition to these tools, it is necessary to have an expert in social networks who, in addition to answering comments and generating content in them, must be able to generate conversation.

At the end of the day, the Community Manager is the one who comes to understand that social media marketing not only consists of publishing on Twitter or Instagram, but also working on communication, interacting with users and creating a community around the brand.

Do you want to know more about this topic? Do you need us to monitor your networks? We read you!

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