Keys to the management of your company's social networks

How to use social networks properly?

One reasoning that can help answer these questions is to suggest the opposite, and to detect cases in which a strategy in social networks is not effective. Thus, we can affirm that social networks do not work ...

1) If you do not sell a good product / service

To get something to sell, be it a product or a service, this must be good, it must be interesting, it must be effective or useful; otherwise it will be difficult for someone to buy it or hire it.

2) When your followers are not quality

If we have many followers but do not connect with them, we will not achieve our goals. This, although simple, is one of the best recommendations of social networks that exists.

Having many followers does not mean having more sales. It is useless to have a million followers, if they do not believe in our brand. If we have 100 followers and the 100 are power users, it will be a clear indicator that you are making good use of social networks.

3) If you can not connect with your audience

Knowing how social networks are used satisfactorily for the audience is learning to listen to your followers, analyze them, pamper them and, above all, interact with them.

If your content on networks speaks only in the first person or speaks only of product probably does not get your followers to interact and even less to buy. For this reason, it is preferable to count experiences and try to generate feelings.

Facebook or Twitter users do not enter the networks to buy, but something they do is to enter to make inquiries or make complaints. If then we offer them a good service, it will be easier for the clients themselves to speak well of us; and the better we do it, the better they will talk, to the point that they could become our advocates and better promoters.

And it is not just about having a good product, it is key to know how to present its use and benefits in a practical, interesting way and if the product allows it, in a fun way.

4) If you do not invest time in them

If you open a profile in networks and you are not able to give it content for lack of time it will not work. They say that whoever covers a lot does not tighten, therefore, decide well what social network to choose and take into account of what time and what resources you have for it. Creating the various social channels is free, but if you want to keep them, it will cost you time and time is money.

Social networks require constant dedication, and their results are not immediate, but you can be sure that with a little patience the effort will be rewarded.

5) If you do not measure your results to improve

In every plan you must establish measurable objectives that allow you to assess whether your work has worked or not. For example, if you are looking to receive traffic to your website from networks, and this has not experienced any changes, you may not be following the best strategy.

Analyze if the fault is in your product or in the way you are selling it in networks, or if it is a problem of periodicity, form or content. Based on what you detect, modify your strategy and try new things. Remember that social networks can be a perfect laboratory of ideas and innovation.

6) If the only objective is to sell

Selling can and / or should be a goal of social networks in companies, it should not be considered as the main objective. The important thing is to achieve good customer service and improve the user experience, and the rest will come alone.

7) If you are not willing to receive criticism

Having a presence on social networks means being exposed to negative criticism and complaints. In these cases, acting defensively should never be a solution and could lead to the failure of the strategy. Complaints and criticisms should be seen as a direct source of information for the client, and should be used both to react and converse with the unsatisfied user and propose solutions, as well as to seek points of improvement in your strategy.

In short, if we ask ourselves the question of why we spend so much time on social networks, it is probably because we are social beings and we like to feel connected and close to others. Thus, a social network must respond to these social requirements, so that when it becomes an impersonal advertising channel it will lose its value and functions.

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