How to connect with our customers?

I was going to start this post talking about the ultra-connected client, but it's not saying anything new. 

Consumers have an easier access to more and better information, they are more demanding and more inclined to share their experience of relationship with brands in any of the channels in which they can generate and disseminate content (blogs, social networks ...) .

The borders between channels are diluted, we live physical and digital experiences at the same time. Our client expects us to recognize him, that we know who he is and what he wants in each environment, that our relationship with them is not conditioned by the channel in which it occurs, but by his interests, behaviors and attitudes. And it only looks at what stands out about general noise, what stands out or draws attention to the rest.

This scenario poses numerous challenges from the perspective of brand management and marketing strategies.

From the vision of marketing, the trend of work to meet the expectations of this client is clear: extract data, analyze them to the detail to have a detailed x-ray of what it is, what it looks for, what it expects and what it wants at each moment, and offer it through campaigns derived from cross channel marketing strategies.

This process that I outlined in two lines of text is the mother of lamb current marketing and headache of most companies marketing activities that build meanings and unique identities regardless of the channel, interacting with the client arise coherent and coordinated way. That is, to ensure that the user is not aware of sales channels or relationship with the brand, and that the experience is univocal. This kind of Pangea or marketinian Nirvana has been baptized as Omni-channel Marketing.

The key to all these strategies lies in the knowledge of the client. Not in vain, understand brands is not more (or less!) To understand people. The consumer himself is a vital (though not unique) source of information through the analysis of the data he provides us in his different interactions and in which the mobile plays a fundamental role, since it provides us with invaluable information: location + device + context + behavior = user.

And we talk a lot about Big Data, but few companies know what to do with the huge amount of data they collect each day. The great and biggest problem is the fragmentation in the storage of them, derived from compartmentalized business structures. Different departments, different functions, and different databases to give answers to a single client.

In a survey conducted by Experian, only 57.6% of the companies had a single database, a repository from which they managed their contacts. The rest (more than 40%) raises their marketing strategies from different types of databases, which makes the operation and effectiveness of them very difficult or impossible.

Source: Panorama of marketing trends in Europe. Experian Marketing Services

And how do we face these changes from the point of view of strategic branding?

To begin it is necessary to consider the brand as a living, mutant being. This requires that you have some flexibility and waist. Something that Branzai summarizes very well in his post of Consistency vs. Relevance.

When being consistent is to be predictable, we must look for the formula to get rid of the peloton, know how to express our meaning in each of the channels and points of contact with our client without being boring. The key, as almost everything in this life, is in coherence.

The brands that want to survive this conceptual leap must offer 360º experiences taking into account that their consumer may not have moved off the couch at that time. They must be able to offer total experiences by joining all points of contact with the customer: see the latest product on offer in your e-commerce, know what other users of it think, watch a demonstration video or find relevant content associated with it that can be be useful to share.

Finally, to think that whoever listens to us on the other side has a face, ideals, aspirations, tensions, fears, etc., and that in order to connect with our clients and establish lasting relationships, we must propose our strategies to and from people. Creativity, emotion, a bit of psychology and, always, honesty.

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